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Flexo printing press

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DCM, machine manufacturer since 1953, offers the most economical printing solution for the personalization of corrugated cardboard boxes and rigid sheets in small to medium series.

The IM2 is the only sheet fed flexo printing press with a short ROI, easy to take care of and with a quick format changeover.



Machine description

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Series of 100 to 5000 pieces


Printing of 1 to 3 colors


Delivery of the printed products on an inclined table


Quick training of the operators


Easy maintenance


DCM hotline available at any time


Automatic feeder for corrugated board by vertical magazine and lug chains






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Wine boxes


Champagne boxes


Pizza boxes


Flooring tiles


Wooden sheets


Other rigid products






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Compact cardboards


Corrugated board up to 20 mm


« Sheets » rigid from 1mm to 4mm


Wood, plastics…



Flexo press technical datas

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The IM2 is a sheet fed flexo press for personalization in small to medium runs.

Product size    
Maximum (printing every rotation) 760 x 900 mm 850 x 900 mm
Maximum long products
(printing 1 rotation out of 2)
760 x 1800 mm 850 x 1800 mm
Maximum printing surface 670 x 1800 mm 760 x 1800 mm
Thickness (flexo plate + product) 23 mm maximum 23 mm maximum
Product thickness    
Manual feeding 1 to 20 mm 1 to 20 mm
Magazine feeder 4 to 20 mm 4 to 20 mm
Rubber or
polymer flexo plate
thickness 3 mm maximum thickness 3 mm maximum
Production speed 1800 to 3200 products per hour 1800 to 3200 products per hour


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